• The new parish hall – furnished for the future

    inredning för offentlig miljö

    The Swedish Church in Söndrum-Vapnö parish recently inaugurated its new parish hall. A welcoming gathering place that is decorated in a timeless Scandinavian style. In the planning of the construction, architects and building consultants were typically hired. Similarly, interior design companies usually handle the spatial design, including furniture, textiles, and lighting. However, Mimmi Stark, who is responsible for services at Söndrum-Vapnö parish, chose a different approach. With the support of the parish's project management, she entrusted the task to Norrgavel, who provided proposals for interior design. Taking a holistic approach, the interior not only beautifies but also facilitates the purpose of each room. With Norrgavel's furniture in place, the harmonious and inviting atmosphere in the newly inaugurated parish hall is further enhanced.

    But how did it come about that the Swedish Church in the Söndrum-Vapnö parish chose to collaborate with Norrgavel regarding the interior design of the new parish hall? And how did the collaboration work? Mimmi Stark can answer that.


    Hello Mimmi! You are the service manager at the Söndrum-Vapnö parish. How long have you been working here, and what role have you had in the work on the new parish hall?
    – I started working at the Söndrum-Vapnö parish as a seasonal church caretaker about three years ago. When the season ended, there was a need for additional staff at the office. The construction of the new parish hall was in its initial stages, and someone was needed to devote themselves wholeheartedly to that project. So, my role was shaped based on the situation. It has primarily been me and my manager, Petter, who have been driving this project. We have had full support from the parish priest, Maj, who is also interested in interior design, which of course was a prerequisite for it to be feasible. But it has been a long and challenging process to get approval to purchase new furniture.

    How did you come to contact Norrgavel when the new parish hall was to be furnished?
    – Both my colleague Petter and I had clear ideas about what we wanted to achieve. We brought a substantial amount of innovation to the project and aimed to create meeting spaces that never go out of style. In fact, the opposite of the old-fashioned style that many might expect to encounter in a parish hall. Both Petter and I appreciate the Scandinavian, simple style, and I know nothing as timeless as Norrgavel. After googling the contact details for Norrgavel, I sent an email describing what we wanted to achieve—our thoughts and ideas in broad strokes. They responded promptly and have been really accommodating and engaged throughout the process. Our task essentially involved interpreting and realizing the feeling that the architect had sketched into the drawings. Norrgavel perfectly matched that feeling! My role ended up being what interior design companies normally do. I'm a gardener at heart, so it was particularly exciting and educational to have the opportunity to create an indoor environment.


    Now that the parish hall has been in operation for a while, what reactions have you received from your parishioners regarding the interior design?  
    – I have only heard positive reactions. Our parishioners and visitors think it looks great. I would say the vast majority love the style! We want to inspire new groups to come to the church, and daring to think differently about the interior design of the parish hall is part of that effort. We have already noticed that young families are coming to us in greater numbers now with the new parish hall. They are very enthusiastic about celebrating baptisms or weddings with us. We have received an overwhelming number of bookings already. Many are completely taken aback when they see the premises and realize that they are actually available to them. Especially the baptism families prefer to book themselves into the living room, which is furnished with Norrgavel.  

    What do you appreciate the most about the new interior design; any personal favorites?
    – I really like the sofa in the lounge and the rugs. The minimalist Easy chairs are also personal favorites of mine. Additionally, I'm very fond of the round ceiling lamps with linen lampshades.

    If another parish is planning a similar project to Söndrum's parish hall, what tips and advice would you like to share regarding the interior design?
    – First and foremost, you need someone passionate who leads the project. Because it's not an easy project unless you have the right people driving the process forward. In the church environment, it's not straightforward to make changes and have your voice heard. Many parameters are required for such a success. My colleague Petter and I have had a fantastic collaboration all the way. Throughout the construction project, we have been in agreement about what we wanted to focus on. I actually get a bit emotional talking about this because it has been so successful throughout the process. Often, you are expected to manage these types of tasks alongside your regular duties, whereas I have been able to devote myself almost entirely to the project. That's a big part of the reason why it has been so successful.

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