Bag shelving

Norrgavel’s Bag Shelf is a true classic that has been part of our range since the very beginning– and is as popular and loved now as it was then. Organisation is built into the design so that every member of the household can have a bag for their own things. Accessible storage that tidies all the hats, gloves, accessories and toys that otherwise cause clutter.

Bag Shelf and Horizontal Bag Shelf
Norrgavel’s classic vertical Bag Shelf has gained a new family member that now lets you expand your storage widthwise – The Horizontal Bag Shelf. Create adaptable storage solutions that keeps things tidy while enhancing the space.

Different woods and different looks
Norrgavel’s bag-based shelving builds around a rail in solid wood. The birch rail comes untreated or in one of our beautiful lacquer or tempera shades (with untreated rounded pegs). The rail in oak is delivered surface treated with oil or tinted oil. The bags come in different linen shades or reindeer hide.

One tip is to paint the untreated birch frame the same colour as the wall behind it to make it melt into its surroundings.

Eco-aware interior design
Here at Norrgavel, sustainability, practicality and timeless design are at our core. The environment and ecology are integral to our values. One practical detail of this well-designed storage shelving is that the bags can easily be removed for washing, or can be replaced with new ones when the old ones have worn out and If you would like to create your own bags, we will provide a pattern for you.

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