• Tännäskröket – unique mountain accommodation furnished with Norrgavel

    Three kilometers outside the beautiful little mountain village of Tännäs lies Tännäskröket – 'a place of its own in the mountains.' At Tännäskröket, you live right in the middle of the fantastic Funäsfjällen, about 15 kilometers from the village of Funäsdalen, with the ski slope right outside the door and the wilderness of Rogens Nature Reserve around the corner. It's a ski area with sheltered slopes, most of which face south. The longest slope is a whopping 1900 meters.

    Sofa 100 with upholstery Laxfjäll gray, Wooden Armchair with loose cushion in a lacquer color.

    Pinn chair in a lacquer color.

    At Tännäskröket, accommodations are offered to suit all groups - newly built, well-equipped cottages or apartments designed with inspiration from nature and the surrounding mountains. Here, one can sink into a Norrgavel sofa and gaze into the glow of the fireplace, or enjoy a book while sitting in an Wooden Armchair from Norrgavel,after a day on the ski slopes. Or settle down for a warming meal at the dining table and accompanying chairs, signed by Norrgavel. A thoughtful and sustainable interior design that exudes reverence for nature.

    No matter which mountain accommodation you choose at Tännäskröket, you're always close to all the activities and opportunities that Funäsdalen and Funäsfjällen have to offer. Tännäskröket is the hidden gem of the Swedish mountain world, catering to those who long for a small-scale, cozy, and unique mountain holiday.

    In a conversation with Jenny Callenholt - CEO and co-owner of Tännäskröket - she shares, among other things, how the idea for Tännäskröket came about, why they chose to furnish with Norrgavel, and how Norrgavel furniture functions in an environment like this.

    How was the idea for Tännäskröket born?
              – We spent a lot of time in Funäsfjällen during my upbringing. Tännäskröket was a popular ski resort from the 1960s, which, during its heyday in the 1980s, was visited by Stenmark, who raced giant slalom on the popular North side, and where local skiers were the first on site after a snow dump, to enjoy the unbeatable off-piste skiing. However, there was no accommodation available, and when my entrepreneurial family bought the resort just over 10 years ago, we decided to expand the lovely old facility with more lifts, a new restaurant, and beautiful accommodations.

    How many cottages/apartments do you have that are furnished with Norrgavel?
              – All our cottages are furnished with Norrgavel's furniture, and also the vast majority of the privately owned cottages in the area.

    How did you decide to furnish Tännäskröket's mountain cottages with furniture from Norrgavel?
              – When we decided to furnish with Norrgavel, it felt like the perfect match. It's a company with corresponding core values as ours. The fantastic natural values in the surroundings of Tännäskröket are a strong contributing reason for our guests to come here – and then it feels natural that these natural values also come into the houses. The design also fits very nicely into the mountain environment, and considering that the interior is heavily used for rental, we chose furniture that wears and ages beautifully.

    How do you think it affects the feeling in the interior to have furniture made of recyclable natural materials?
              – The feeling permeates through the entirety of the furniture—the design language, the tactile experience of the material, the natural tones in the colors. It provides a sense of comfort and harmony. Our house buyers often invest in a mountain home with us for future generations, and it feels great that the interior can accompany them on that journey, from their children's first ski vacation until they have grown up and come here with their own children.

    What do your guests think about staying in this environment?
              – It has become somewhat of a signature for us, and when we rent out cottages that are not furnished with Norrgavel, it must be clearly stated, as our guests have begun to expect it and react if it's not Norrgavel furnishings.

    How does sustainability and maintenance of Norrgavel's furniture work in a hotel environment/rental environment where they are subjected to heavy wear and tear?
              – We have experienced relatively little wear and tear on the furniture, and the wear that occurs is also perceived as beautiful patina. Presumably, our guests are also more careful with the furniture as there is care and attention in the interior design. Elements of Norrgavel are also present in the Àrran restaurant, which means 'fire' in Sami and is the heart of the facility. There, guests gather to warm up between runs with a good coffee or enjoy the à la carte menu based on the area's local ingredients.

    Wooden Armchair, Rug Plain, Coffee table Ø100.

    Pinn Chair & Multi-O dining table.

    Mountain cottages furnished with inspiration from nature.

    Peg rails in solid birch.

    Small cube in solid birch.

    Sofa 100with upholstery in Laxfjäll gray.

    Wooden Armchairin ash, Coffee table Ø100, Pendel Ellips.

    Pinn Chair & Multi-O dining table.

    Photo & styling: Åsa Gramén @killingyourdarlings