• Norrgavel 25 years

    Published 2018.

    25 years ago, we thought differently.
    Now we think the same way!

    Norrgavel produce furniture and interior details designed to last for generations. Crafted from pure natural materials, of high quality, and with timeless design, they only become more beautiful with time.

    Nirvan Richter presented the very first Norrgavel furniture at the Bo 93 fair in Karlskrona, 25 years ago this year. Of the twelve prototype pieces displayed at that time, eleven are still in production: Wooden armchair, Wooden sofa, Coffee table, the bedside table Small table with drawer and the first cabinet, which was later developed into the storage series Massiv, Bed frame, Bookshelf, Semi-circular table, Coat and shoe rack, Console with shelf bracket och Bag shelf. Some of them have evolved over time. For example, the Länstol, with its characteristic high slatted back, which has retained its popularity over the years and has become something of a symbol for Norrgavel, now has siblings with softer seats.

    We were pioneers in sustainable interior design, and we are pleased that more have now followed our example.

    Functional simplicity

    All Norrgavel furniture is designed by Nirvan Richter, and has been so since the beginning 25 years ago.

    "Already in 1993, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve. My goal was to manufacture the furniture I myself missed on the market, with the qualities I experienced in my father's hometown in Dalarna: simple yet functional furniture. Furniture made of pure natural materials and of such high quality that they last long and, when needed, can be repaired or reupholstered and used for generations.
              The shape of a piece of furniture can arise from a need or inspiration from the outside, and I increasingly notice how meditation helps me move forward in the process. I capture the images and thoughts in my sketchbook, and the prototype gradually takes shape together with Norrgavel's cabinetmakers. When we have the wood in our hands, it's easier to describe exactly how the furniture should feel when used. Striving for perfection requires patience and a long series of adjustments.

    With boundless enthusiasm, I continue my quiet revolution within Swedish interior design culture and am delighted that you want to be a part of it."

    Nirvan Richter
    Founder & Designer


    Wooden sofa, 3-seater, in warm grey lacquer

    The wooden sofa continues to be cherished; a classic that for many embodies the very symbol of Norrgavel. Sofas in various sizes, wood types, colors, and fabrics leave the factory daily.

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    Bag shelf 25 years

    The Bag shelf is a true Norrgavel classic. A practical storage shelf where everything has its place. New! Stand in Swan-labeled water-based lacquer color!

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    The Norrgavel classic Wooden sofa 3-seater, in warm grey lacquer, and the armchair Easy Chair in the autumn's new leather upholstery, Dunes black.

    Maintenance for sustainability

    Our furniture is primarily made of birch and oak. Silver birch is the most resilient of hardwoods, and the wood is solid, elastic, and easy to surface treat. The forest oak we use is relatively fast-growing and acquires different characteristics depending on how it is treated.
              Norrgavel's furniture is manufactured with great craftsmanship at selected carpentry workshops in Sweden and the Baltics, which makes the transports short and the environmental impact smaller. Some detailsare handmade, and many of the carpentry workshops have generations of experience.

    Natural materials stimulate our senses, and they enjoy being used. They are easy to maintain and they age beautifully with a natural patina. Many of the furniture pieces can be restored to their original condition through processes such as sanding and oiling.

    You are a co-creator

    Norrgavel's furniture production is customer-order driven, which means that almost nothing is pre-made and waiting in stock; the furniture is manufactured only when ordered. You can put your own mark on many of our furniture pieces through extensive customization options: including legs, fittings, materials, colors, and surface treatments can be varied to make your furniture unique.
              Many of our furniture pieces are painted with egg oil tempera, which has become somewhat of our signature. The surface treatment is done specifically for each customer at Norrgavel's own facility in Lammhult. Tempera has been used for centuries and is truly an environmentally friendly paint. It sits like a thin veil on the wood, providing a matte finish.

    Even our rugs are made of natural materials: wool, cotton, jute, linen, and sisal. You can create your own rug: choose size, shape, material, color, edge binding, and edging to get your perfect rug. Of course, we also have ready-made rugs for simplicity.
              Kateha's rugs have been with Norrgavel since the beginning. Our own series Plain, which is a wool rug from Kateha, will have a new color palette for the autumn. We also have many kilim rugs, all of which are unique.

    Create your own withMassiv & Opal!

    Rug Plainin a new color palette.

    Selected 25-year-olds