• Material guide & maintenance

    At Norrgavel, we use natural materials. By that, we mean that the materials are part of the natural ecocycle and come from nature, from plants, animals or minerals. Beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting in every sense. Wherever possible, we make our furniture from Scandinavian wood.
    Besides wood, we also use textiles, leather, sheepskin, concrete and limestone. Our decision to work with natural materials means our furniture will age beautifully and naturally. The materials we use also benefit from use. Year on year. Many of the pieces can be restored to their original condition by sanding and oiling, for example.

    Regularly caring for and maintaining our furniture becomes a kind of manifestation of presence, helping us to live in the moment. So protect your furniture with a big dollop of love and it will age with beauty and dignity. You can find our furniture care products here.

    Lifelong love

    Norrgavel’s furniture is made to last generations. Therefore, we use as few different materials as possible and if we use several in the same piece of furniture, we make sure they are well separated from each other. This makes day-to-day maintenance easier, and makes our furniture easy to repair if necessary and to dispose of at the end of its life.


    If your Norrgavel furniture is damaged or breaks in a way that you can’t fix yourself, we offer repairs at cost price. Contact Norrgavel customer services for more information!


    Perhaps your sofa doesn’t go with your new home or that table is actually too small now. Let someone else enjoy your furniture!


    When the piece of furniture or part of a piece of furniture has reached the end of its life, it should be recycled as wood at your nearest recycling centre. This applies to both treated and untreated wood. Screws and fittings do not need to be removed.

    Wood will be sorted and processed to be used as fuel. Recycling centres will store and chip the wood, which can then be used as biofuel. Clean, unpainted wood can be burned in virtually all biofuel plants while painted wood has more limited uses.