• Rugs from Kateha


    Since 2000, Norrgavel has worked closely with rug supplier Kateha. Fantastic rugs that can really transform a room! In addition, Kateha has a genuine approach to sustainability, which is completely in line with Norrgavel's philosophy.

    In our stores you will find a wide range of Kateha rugs in different colours and textures. Many can also be customised in the desired size.

    We are particularly proud of the Plain rug – a collection uniquely designed for Norrgavel. The wool rug Plain is woven from undyed wool yarn that is mixed to achieve the desired shade. For many years a favourite in Norrgavel's wide range of rugs in natural materials. Choose from three standard sizes, or contact your store or customer service to order a rug in a special format.

    About Kateha

    The name Kateha is an ancient Arabic word meaning 'rug with pile'. But the collection includes both plain and pile rugs. A wide range of techniques, patterns, colours, qualities and formats are used. The rugs are carefully handmade by experienced weavers and textile workers, whether they are woven, knotted, tufted or cut to shape. Production takes place in India, Belgium and the Baltics.

    The company was started in 1979 by Hans Hosak, then under a different name. His daughter Barbara took over the business in 1998 and that's when the name Kateha was born. Barbara has collaborated with a number of designers over the years, including Anna Kraitz and Sara Szyber.

    Kateha's rugs are consistently made from natural materials such as wool and linen and they are very active in their sustainability work, both in terms of material selection and production. The wool carpet Plain, woven on linen warp, is uniquely designed for Norrgavel and was one of the first collaborations between the two companies.


    Barbara from Kateha gives tips for choosing a rug

    When choosing a rug, it is very much about the sensory experience. You can influence how the room looks through your choice of colour, how it feels to walk on the rug and also how you experience the sound level in the room.

    » The colour of the rug affects the appearance of the room.
    » The size of the rug defines a function/place.
    » The thickness of the rug and also the size affects how you experience the sound. The noise level in the room is reduced by the use of textiles.

    Should I choose a plain weave rug or a pile rug?

    If you choose a plain weave rug without a pile surface, it's easier to maintain and easier to move around to even out the wear and tear, while a thicker pile rug does more for the sound level and can feel more luxurious to put your feet on.

    How do I choose a rug colour?

    By choosing the colour of the rug, you can highlight the furniture. If the furniture is dark, it is better emphasised if the rug is light than if it is dark, and vice versa. You can also think about how the overall sense of colour in the room should be perceived. Do you want a tone-on-tone colour scheme or for one colour to stand out? There is already an accent colour on other textiles. You can choose to reinforce this colour through your choice of matt colour or you can choose a neutral matt colour.

    How do I choose a rug size?

    The choice of size defines the place/function. A larger rug shows more clearly that this is the dining area or the seating area. The rug helps to divide the room into its different functions so that the furniture in each place is emphasised.

    The size of the rug at the dining area is determined by the size of the table to which you add 50-60 cm around all four sides of the table. This allows the chairs to be moved without them falling outside the edge of the mat. This also reduces mechanical wear and tear on the outer edge of the rug.

    The size of the rug at the seating area can be large enough to accommodate all the furniture at the seating area. If such a large rug is not an option, the length of the rug should preferably be long enough to be wider than the width of the sofa, about 20 cm on each side of the sofa, and wide enough to allow half of the other furniture in the group to stand on the rug.