• Guide – choose the right sofa


    The sofa is the centrepiece of the living room. And probably the second most used piece of furniture after the bed. It offers space for relaxation and socialising - a Friday snuggle, a gathering with the book club, a relaxing afternoon nap, private time in front of your favourite TV series or a comfortable extra bed for a visiting friend.... Quite simply, a piece of furniture that can withstand everyday life and at the same time beautify the home. Of course, investing in a sofa of the highest quality and comfort is both wise and enjoyable. But how do you choose the right one and bring home a sofa that feels just as good now as it will in 30 years? Take advantage of Norrgavel's sofa guide to help you make a thoughtful and well-founded decision. For many, long, and delightful sofa moments. Make room for pure enjoyment!

    Checklist – Before Buying a Sofa

    Begin the journey towards a new dream sofa by considering and listing your needs and desires. When and how will the sofa be used? Who will use it, and what kind of sofa model fits best in the room where it will be placed? When looking for the ultimate sofa for your home, it's good to proceed thoroughly and carefully ensure that it meets all your wishes. The following checklist can be helpful to go through and rely on during the decision-making process:


    How many people should fit on the sofa? How big should the sofa be for the room it is intended to be in? Measure and consider how the sofa should be placed for the best balance in the room.


    Which sofa model do you like the most? Straight sofa model, corner sofa, or perhaps a modular sofa with a chaise longue and footstool? Which type of sofa fits best with the rest of the decor and the architecture of the home?


    Find the sofa that suits your lifestyle. Do you want to be able to pile up with many cushions, half lie down, and stretch out comfortably? Maybe space for the whole family or group of friends? Or is it more of a place where you want to sit more upright and socialize with family and friends? Look at the sofa's seat depth and choose a deeper sofa if you want extra relaxing comfort. For dog owners, small families with children, or grandchildren who often visit – then it's practical to have a sofa with removable and washable covers. Also useful when, after many years of use, you want to replace a worn cover or give the sofa a new look by updating with a completely new cover.


    When you've settled on the sofa model and size that suits you best, it's time to put your personal touch on the sofa. Consider which colors and wood types you prefer and that match with the rest of the decor. The sofa gets completely different expressions depending on the choice of furniture fabric, choice of legs or leg position, and choice of loose cushions that both add personality and comfort.

    Tips! Try marking out the space (for example, with masking tape) in the room where you imagine the sofa will be placed to get an idea if the size feels proportionate. This way, you get a sense if the intended size/model is just right. Also, remember to check that the sofa can safely fit through the door, staircase, or stairwell.


    Once you've determined the appropriate size for the sofa, it's time to decide on the model. A straight sofa, a corner sofa, a sofa with a chaise longue, a sofa with a lounging seat, or a deep lounge sofa.


    One of the most common and classic sofa models is the straight sofa, which usually comes in 2-seater, 3-seater, or 4-seater versions. An easy-to-place, timeless, and flexible sofa model that is easy to furnish with and works as a perfect base to start from. A versatile model that is easy to combine with additional sofas, armchairs, or coffee tables in various formats.

    Tips! The one-third rule can be used when determining the appropriate length of a sofa. This means that the length of the sofa should correspond to two-thirds of the wall it is to be placed against.

    2-Seater Sofa

    A two-seater sofa fits even if there isn't much room to spare. Perfect for the small living room or combine a compact 2-seater sofa with a 4-seater sofa in the larger living room. Additionally, the two-seater sofa is the right size when you want to furnish the bedroom, home office, or children's room with a comfortable sofa where there's room for two. A piece of furniture that can accompany the children from storytime to their first student accommodation and beyond in life. Choose your favorite among sofa models, upholstery, legs, wood types, and finishes. Unleash your creativity and create a personally designed 2-seater sofa that makes everyday life both easier and more beautiful.

    3-Seater Sofa

    Neither big nor small. A perfectly sized 3-seater sofa that pairs well with an armchair. Or combine it with a 4-seater sofa for a cohesive feel and room for even more. A classic sofa that fits just as well in the first apartment as in the luxury flat or at the summer cottage. Large enough to accommodate several people and even used as an extra sleeping place when needed. But at the same time, compact and easy to move around if you want to rearrange or add a footstool for extra seating comfort. Find the perfect 3-seater sofa for your home and add a personal touch through choice of upholstery and extra cushions that increase comfort even more.

    Tips! There's always the option to buy a new cover for the sofa if it has become worn after many years of use or if you want an extra cover to vary the look. Perhaps a linen cover for the summer months and a wool cover during the colder months.

    4-Seater Sofa

    In the spacious 4-seater sofa, there's plenty of room for socializing and relaxing moments. Here, the whole family or group of friends easily fit when it's time for Friday cozy time or game night. Or claim the entire sofa for yourself and stretch out comfortably. A sofa large enough to accommodate an extra overnight guest. Choose a model with an extra generous seat depth or a slightly more streamlined model that is both easy to place and irresistibly comfortable. Then, create a personal expression through choice of furniture upholstery, legs, and extra cushions in different sizes and colors. Regardless of sofa model, it's always equally comfortable with a corresponding footstool, which is easy to move around as needed.


    The corner sofa is a classic model that works especially well if you want to maximize the space in the room without taking up too much floor area. Right angle or left? Choose the sofa modules that fit best depending on how the room is laid out and how you intend to furnish it. Corner sofas come in several different designs and can also be obtained with an open end or an extension in the form of a chaise longue. The corner sofa is a spacious piece of furniture that gives a cozy impression to the room. The sofa with a chaise longue resembles a corner sofa, but it has a lounge section that is part of the sofa. A sofa with a chaise longue gives a slightly more relaxed and airy impression than a classic corner sofa. Additionally, a chaise longue is space-efficient and offers many seating places.

    Tips! If the sofa is placed against a wall, leave 5–10 cm of space between the wall and the back of the sofa. Those few centimeters contribute to making the room feel both airier and more thought-out.



    Be part of creating your customized dream sofa! With the modular system, it's easy to assemble and customize the sofa according to personal preferences and the layout of the room. Experiment with the flexible design tool and create your very own modular sofa. Or visit the nearest store to explore the possibilities regarding sofa modules, upholstery, and finishes. Let your creativity flow and create freely according to taste and preference with the accommodating modular system.

    Tips! Usually, the sofa is placed with its back against a wall. But sometimes the room can feel both airier and more harmonious if the sofa is instead placed in the middle of the floor. Especially, Träsoffa and Träsoffa rak are particularly beautiful when seen from behind, which adds to the overall feeling.


    Choice of Upholstery

    Feel, look, smell, and take the time to consider to truly find the upholstery that aligns with your personal expression. And, of course, a furniture upholstery that matches both your life situation and the rest of the interior in your home. A sofa upholstery you will enjoy for many years to come, simply put.  

    Fabric or Leather Sofa

    All upholstery fabrics in Norrgavel's range have a natural scent and feel comfortable against the skin – guaranteed free from harmful chemicals. Most of the upholstery fabrics can be ordered as fabric samples. This way, you can easily experience the material's texture and feel, as well as compare and match the color with the rest of the room's color scheme. A sofa with removable fabric upholstery facilitates cleaning if you want to wash it occasionally. Feel free to check the washing instructions before deciding on the upholstery.

    If instead, you want an extra durable upholstery that develops a beautiful patina over the years, then a sofa with leather upholstery is a wise choice. Leather is a natural material that is very durable, timeless, and also ages gracefully.