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    Kapp- och skohylla till hallen från Norrgavel

    Guide – interior design tips for the hallway

    The hallway is often a bit overlooked in favor of interior projects in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Yet, it is the hallway that offers the first impression of the home. And indeed, the feeling of opening the door to a well-kept and personally designed hallway is like a soothing spa for the soul. Once you have created a welcoming hall with thoughtful storage, it also becomes much easier to keep order among all the outerwear, shoes, umbrellas, bags, bike helmets, and other accessories. Step in - get lots of inspiration and tips for an extraordinary entrance!


    Regardless of the size of the hallway, it is indispensable to have a practical hat rack and shoe rack that offer smart storage solutions while enhancing the room's appearance. Choose a model with hooks, rods, or both. Find a smaller model for the narrow hallway or let each family member have their own space if the room's size allows. Combine and design a hallway furniture piece that feels custom-built and utilizes every centimeter in the wisest possible way.

    “The hallway is often the room that receives the least attention, despite being the first thing you encounter when entering a home.”

    Kroklist i björk till hallen


    Having sufficient hanging and storage areas in the hallway is crucial for easier organization of belongings. Hook rails, individual hooks, knobs, hook boards – the names are many, but the function is the same. Find the expression and form that best suits your home; a horizontal hook rail provides good overview, while a vertical one requires less space. Choose the length depending on how many hooks are needed and the size of the space. A minimal piece of furniture that adds a lot in all its simplicity.

    Try painting the hook rail or knob board in the same color as the wall. Environmentally friendly and beautiful tempera paint is available at your Norrgavel store.


    Bag shelves are perfect for hallway storage. Although this furniture piece works just as well in the bedroom, children's room, or bathroom, of course. Bag shelves are a piece of furniture that requires minimal wall space while also holding so much. In the design of the bag shelf, the order is somewhat built-in as each family member can have their own bag. Available in both horizontal and vertical designs. Additionally, it can be obtained in various types of wood, lacquer, or tempera colors to match the furniture with the rest of the decor in the hallway. And the bag itself can be made of comfortable linen fabric or reindeer skin, which develops a beautiful patina over the years. With the Bag shelf, it becomes easy to keep order among hats, gloves, accessories, the dog's leash, and various other items.

    Byrå i massiv björk till hallen


    The dresser is a true everyday hero, helping to organize and store items big and small. In a narrower hallway, a chest of drawer can easily fit if you choose a model with a slimmer depth. Perhaps let it spread out lengthwise, along an entire hallway wall instead? Or let it take up space vertically if the room allows. Consider opting for a wall-mounted variant to facilitate cleaning. After all, which room needs vacuuming more often than the hallway? Customize it in line with the rest of the decor to create a harmonious feeling in the room. Choose wood type, finish, lacquer, or tempera color that complements the wall color and other furniture. If you need more of a display surface, a side table is perfect. Maybe with a semi-circular tabletop to avoid sharp corners in a narrow hallway. Or a small square end table with a drawer for keys and other small items. It looks extra nice paired with a mirror with a frame in the same wood type.

    In the picture - a stylish storage furniture piece that holds a lot but still easily fits in the small hallway. The miniMassiv dresser has a slim depth of only 29.5 cm, which means it doesn't protrude too far into a narrow hallway.


    A bench or stool near the shoe rack offers a natural spot to sit down and tie your shoes. Here, you can also place your handbag when you come in the door, instead of leaving it on the floor. Having a seating area in the hallway, like a stool, also comes in handy when you quickly need to provide an extra seat at the dining table. If you desire storage combined with seating, then a bench with spacious drawers is an excellent option. Design a customized hallway furniture piece with two drawers or a longer bench with four or six drawers. Choose wood type, finish, hardware, and material for the seat accordingly.

    Massiv Bench

    A "Massiv" bench in white-oiled birch with four spacious drawers, each with cutout handles, and a beautifully upholstered seat with luxurious sheepskin. Here, there is room for various items that you prefer to have easily accessible without cluttering up the space – such as workout clothes, a blanket for the stroller, gloves, a raincoat, caps, sunglasses, a dog leash, and cloth bags. And much more, of course.

    Pinn stool straight

    A practical seating solution for tying shoes, a place to set down the gym bag, or a natural spot for building with LEGO on the way to preschool. But of course, it also serves as an easily accessible extra seat when there are many around the table. The Pinn Stool, whether straight or round, can be easily tailored to complement the rest of the decor by selecting wood type, finish, lacquer, or tempera color.


    Hallways often lack windows or natural light. A substantial mirror is a perfect interior detail to create the illusion of space and also add a little extra light in the hallway. The frame of the mirror ties the decor together and creates a cohesive look when choosing the same color or wood type as the other hallway furniture. In the hallway, you also want to be able to switch between task lighting and mood lighting. A table lamp on the side table or dresser spreads welcoming light. Or a practical wall-mounted lamp that provides soft light to the room, combined with a ceiling light that illuminates properly when needed. Choose handcrafted lamps that maintain both design and quality over time.

    Wardrobe in solid wood for the hallway


    A spacious wardrobe fits excellently in a slightly larger hallway. Make sure to furnish the wardrobe according to needs – with drawers, clothes rails, shoe racks, hangers, and shelves. Create conditions for perfect organization behind the wardrobe doors. Stylish, easy to overview, and practical!

    A solid birch wardrobe - a hymn to smart storage and exclusive fine woodworking.


    The first thing you step onto when entering someone's home is the hallway rug. The doormat should withstand gravel and wet shoes while still creating a welcoming impression. A rug made of comfortable natural materials is both beautiful, durable, and practical. Wool is a natural material that is naturally dirt-repellent and hard-wearing. Perfect for the hallway! If you prefer a rug that is easy to machine wash, a woven cotton rug may be the right choice. An extra welcoming detail in the hallway is to have an extra pair of indoor slippers for guests. Add practical accessories, such as a shoehorn, in a sleek design that can adorn the space.  
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