Dining tables & kitchen tables

A kitchen table is so much more than somewhere to eat. It’s where you come together for special occasions and everyday socialising. A place that is ultra-visible and used several times a day. A piece of furniture that needs to work for different purposes and a piece of furniture to enjoy for a long, long time. The dining table is an investment that has to last decades in terms of style and quality. And ideally looks even better as the years go by.

Round or rectangular dining tables

Choose between a dining table with rounded edges and extra leaves, or a really wide kitchen table in solid oak with a smart extending function. Or the traditional round table that can grow when there are lots of people for dinner. Small and neat seating four people without extra leaves, while with all the extra leaves inserted, it can impressively seat 16. Bear in mind that the extra leaves will not wear and age at the same rate as the rest of the table as they tend not to be used every day.

Materials and surface treatment

All Norrgavel tables are made from top-quality solid wood. Choose between oak or birch and different surface treatments – oil, white oil, soap or water-based lacquer (for some models). Depending on the table model and its size, the table top can also be made in linoleum. Create a table that perfectly suits your kitchen or dining room. Whatever options you pick, you will get a fantastic table whose beauty only increases with age. Dining and kitchen tables from Norrgavel last generations.

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