"Norrgavel's furniture can be characterised using words such as simplicity, emotion and presence, as well as honesty and sustainability. But what we sell is not primarily furniture, it’s an approach to interior design, in fact to life as a whole."

Timeless & sustainable design

Dining tables that will last for generations

From nature, with nature

Norrgavel was founded in 1993 by architect & designer Nirvan Richter – a Swedish company that emerged from a longing for designed furniture in harmony with nature. To this day, Norrgavel’s designer furniture and interior design details are characterised by words such as simplicity, feeling and presence, not to mention honesty and sustainability. 

Beauty of form, function & sustainability

Norrgavel's design furniture is designed and manufactured without compromise. Always with great care for details, function and beauty of form. We combine traditional furniture joinery with modern techniques and choose sustainable, eco-friendly natural materials. Pure materials derived from nature, which can return there as soil and compost when the time comes. Our decision to work with natural materials means our furniture will age beautifully and naturally. The materials we use like to be used. The materials we use benefit from use. Many of the pieces can be restored to their original condition by sanding and oiling, for example. The furniture is designed to be able to be reupholstered, painted and repaired easily. Norrgavel makes furniture and interior design details to last generations. Timeless Scandinavian classics that feel just as right today as in 5, 20 or 50 years time.

Norrgavel Malmö

At Norrgavel Malmö you can get interior design help. Come by with big and small interior design challenges, to find your dream sofa, to get inspiration, or just to feel the scent of pure natural materials.

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