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At Norrgavel, we want our furniture to live for generations. That's exactly how we want to see our relationship with you who are interested in or have already chosen Norrgavel. That's why we're always happy to hear from you! Dino, Ebba and Johan will be happy to help you when you contact us.

However, we know that some questions are more frequent than others, so we've put together a list of common questions below to help you along the way. If you'd rather contact us directly for personal assistance, you'll find our current contact details further down the page.


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Our customer philosophy

Satisfied and engaged customers are the most important thing for us at Norrgavel. In our quest for continuous improvement at all levels, we draw on all the customer stories and personal experiences that we have the pleasure of hearing every day. Everything from how the packaging looked when the order arrived, to how the staff treated you during your last visit to the store.

Although we are always actively working to become a better version of ourselves, we are aware that even less good things happen from time to time. Sometimes it's because of something we could have done differently and at other times it's because of unpredictable external factors. Either way, we make sure to handle the incident responsibly and promptly and find the best possible solutions.

Norrgavel does things its way - a conscious choice. Our three-pronged values and interior design philosophy provide a solid foundation for everything we do. At Norrgavel we want to create sustainable relationships with our customers. We don't encourage passive consumption, but try to make it easier for the customer to be present in the buying situation and in relation to the things they choose to surround themselves with. Simply to consume less and choose higher quality. And our aim is always to help you, the customer, based on your personal preferences and wishes. When customers, who have lived with Norrgavel furniture for years, are overwhelmingly satisfied and have positive memories of their time with us - we see it as a proof of our success.

Welcome to contact us at Norrgavel!