The Pinn family

The Pinn family consists of  Pinn Chair, Pinn Armchair, Child's Pinn Chair, Pinn Sofa, Straight Pinn stool, Round Pinn stool, Round Pinn stool High, Straight Pinn stool long, Step Stool and Pinn Table. A vibrant, large and interacting family of furniture with a consistent theme of dimensions and design. Handcrafted furniture in solid wood. Each piece of stick furniture has its own expression and some with flexible uses - the round or straight stick stool can just as easily serve as a bedside table or side table by the sofa. The step stool has a clear function when you need to reach something, but between tasks it works perfectly as an extra seat or why not as a flower table.

A room-creating kitchen sofa offers an inclusive feeling of homeliness and space for several, while the Child's Pinn Chair is designed with children in mind, but with the same proportions as its big brother, the Pinn Chair. Pinn Chair is a classically timeless and functional kitchen chair, Norrgavel's own interpretation of an ever so topical piece of folk home furniture. The relaxed, stately Pinn Armchair is equally at home on its own or in the safe company of a family member. And Pinn Table stylishly connects the dining room furniture with the sofa corner. The Pinn family will find its place in every home - uncluttered and timeless design that lasts over time.

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