Norrgavel’s designer furniture is designed and manufactured without compromising at any step on the way, in simple, clean designs that exude timelessness and total presence. Always with great attention to detail, function and beautiful design. We combine classic furniture joinery with modern techniques and choose sustainable, eco-friendly natural materials. Our materials really appreciate being used and will therefore age beautifully and naturally. 

We prefer Nordic woods like oak, birch, beech and ash. For stuffing material we use everything from horsehair and shredded palm leaves to natural rubber and seabird feathers. Our furniture textiles are mainly made from linen or wool. And our leather is mainly vegetable tanned, free from harmful chemicals. Materials derived from nature, which can return there as soil and compost when the time comes. What’s more, we really do feel better from surrounding ourselves with clean, natural materials – soothing and life-affirming for body and soul.

Furniture care 

Surface treatments are bespoke for each customer at Norrgavel’s own production plant in Lammhult. We often use “open” surface treatments such as oil, soap and ecocycle-friendly egg oil tempera which doesn’t seal the pores of the wood. Surfaces like this need a certain amount of maintenance but if you follow Norrgavel’s care advice, your furniture will have a long life and change beautifully as it ages. The majority of pieces of furniture in our range can also be provided in selected shades of lacquer. We solely use eco-friendly, water-based lacquer. Some of our furniture is supplied without surface treatment. If you want to surface treat or maintain your wood furniture, you can buy soap flakes, oil, white oil and linseed oil soap in our stores. You can also buy your own egg oil tempera.

Many of the pieces can be restored to their original condition by sanding and oiling, for example. The furniture is designed to be able to be re-covered, painted and repaired easily. For sustainability reasons, we started making most of our sofas and armchairs with removable loose covers early on. If you get tired of the upholstery or it wears out, you can simply change it, considerably extending the lifetime of your furniture. Regularly caring for and maintaining your furniture becomes a kind of manifestation of presence, helping us to appreciate and make the most of what we have and live in the moment. 

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