• Inspiration 

    Norrgavel wants to inspire a sustainable approach to interior design. How can you furnish and decorate your home in a beautiful,  timeless and at the same time climate-smart way?  We offer joyful inspiration for interior design solutions that make us feel good and that only  become more beautiful over the years. Always with customer relationships based on honesty and trust.

    The story behind Norrgavels classics

    All Norrgavel furniture is still sketched by hand today. The company's founder and designer, Nirvan Richter, makes both furniture sketches and sketches of how shop fittings should look by hand. He makes the sketches in beautiful notebooks that are usually kept in a safe. A solid history of furniture lies there in the form of nearly 40 fully annotated sketchbooks, with furniture designs spanning three decades.

    Örum 119

    Between the Scanian villages of Löderup and little Örum lies the charming farm hotel Örum 119. In addition to the farm hotel's beautiful rooms decorated with Norrgavel furniture and the detached "Norrgavelhuset", there is also a magnificent orangery, a shop for garden and home, sourdough pizza and an ice cream workshop for the connoisseur - and the endless sky and plain landscape of course.

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