• Lighting to brighten up your life

    The right lighting creates a cosy atmosphere and beautiful points of light in your home. Carefully placed and timelessly designed light sources emphasise the interior.
    Lamps that harmonise with furniture and other interior details. For example, try lighting a nice plant in a corner or placing a stylish table lamp on the side table to achieve balance in the room.

    Brilliant tips for creating harmonious and functional light in the home

    » Mix directional and general lighting to create soft transitions between light and shadow.
    » A rule of thumb is at least 5-7 light sources per room.
    » Place the room's lights at varying heights. This will make the interplay between light and shadow more interesting.
    » Low lights are recommended around the sofa to provide good reading light, but also to enhance the function of the furniture.
    » Focus the light on things that you want to stand out - like your favourite armchair, bookshelf or a side table with beautiful potted plants.

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