• Contact details

    Head office - Malmö

    At the head office in Malmö, we develop the business concept, range, products and our marketing communication. Our customer service is also available in the house.


    Elbegatan 3, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden


    Sofie Richter & David Richter
    At Norrgavel, we have chosen to have a shared CEO-ship

    Marketing director

    Sanne Esseveld, sanne.esseveld@norrgavel.se

    Marketing coordinator & press contact

    Axel Berggren axel.berggren@norrgavel.se

    Head Customer Experience

    Dino Jahic, +4672 - 232 10 52, dino.jahic@norrgavel.se

    E-Commerce Manager

    Hanna Lönnqvist, hanna.lonnqvist@norrgavel.se
    Isabelle Bexenius Alvfors, isabelle.bexenius@norrgavel.se

    Customer service


    Purchasing manager / Interior details & furniture textiles

    Michael Uebel, michael.uebel@norrgavel.se

    Product developer Furniture

    Tomas Fröding, tomas.froding@norrgavel.se

    Strategic buyer Furniture

    Katarina Wallin, katarina.wallin@norrgavel.se

    Designer & Founder

    Nirvan Richter

    Press contact


    Production - Lammhult

    In Lammhult, surface treatment, assembly and some wallpapering takes place. This is also where we perform our quality control and put the finishing touches on each individual piece of furniture. Our order processing and finance department are also located in the house.


    Växjövägen 42, 363 45 Lammhult, Sweden.

    Production manager

    Jonas Lundin, jonas.lundin@norrgavel.se