At Norrgavel, we are driven by satisfied customers, and strive to deliver furniture that will last for generations. We work with careful quality controls at several levels, and only cooperate with suppliers who live up to our high demands for quality and long-term sustainability. Despite this, deviations can occur, and if this occurs, it is important that our customers receive efficient and good help in complaint handling.

How do I go about making a complaint?

In order for us to help you, we gratefully receive as much information as possible right from your first contact with us. Email your case to with the following info:

- Your order number/picture on receipt
- A description of what you need help fixing
- Clear images (see description and example below)

1. A picture of the entire piece of furniture/product

Taken from a distance of approx. 1 meter, with the defect visible (marked here with a red X)

2. A more detailed picture

Taken from a distance of approx. 0.5 m, with the defect visible (marked here with a red X)

3. A detail picture

A detailed image with the defect (marked here with a red X) visible and measured with, for example, a ruler that shows the size of the defect.

We see every case we receive as a chance to improve our work for the future. A quick solution where you as a customer is satisfied with both your investment from Norrgavel and your contact with us is always our main goal.