• Furnishing textiles & covers

    Have a look at Norrgavel’s wide range of furniture textiles and upholstery. Whether you’ve fallen in love with vegetable tanned cowhide from the Tärnsjö tannery, exclusive French linen or hardwearing, warming wool from Norway, you can rest assured that every product has been carefully selected with the highest quality and sustainability in mind. We always try to find the best and most eco-friendly alternatives when looking for textiles for our furniture. We use pure materials that smell natural and feel comfortable against the skin – guaranteed free from harmful chemicals. These are natural materials that really enjoy being used and only look more beautiful and become more comfortable over the years. It is important that our textiles last a long time. For this reason, we sometimes allow artificial fibres to be blended in to increase the durability of the fabric and thus its lifetime.

    Choose your favourite furnishing fabric and create your dream piece of furniture with your own unique look. Your choice of furniture textile or upholstery will give your new Norrgavel furniture a clear personality all its own. You will find a wide range of furniture textiles to choose from here, in different colours, materials, patterns and styles. Made for lasting enjoyment with timeless design, an environmental approach and the ultimate in comfort.

    Naturally we comply with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), the EU’s chemicals legislation.


    Martindale is a measurement of how well a fabric withstands abrasion (rubbing). The higher the value, the tougher the textile. The recommendation for furniture in a domestic environment with normal intensity of use is a score of 20,000 revolutions.

    Fading resistance

    Fading resistance describes how well a fabric retains its colour when exposed to light. The scale runs from one to eight, where eight is the best value (6–8 is mainly for outdoor environments). All fabrics will fade in sunlight, especially unbleached (undyed) fabrics. Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, e.g. with a white sheet or by lowering the blinds if you are going to be away for a while.

    There may be differences in shade depending on different dye lots and weaving. Bear this in mind when adding more of the same textile. Also remember that pictures cannot always exactly reproduce the true appearance of the product. The appearance you see on your screen can be affected by colour reproduction and your screen settings.

    Fabric samples

    Most of our furnishing fabrics can be ordered as fabric samples. These make it easy to compare and match shades with the rest of your decor, check the texture and feel and ponder your choice in your own time. This makes for a much more well-founded, thoughtful decision. Sustainable & beautiful!

    Wool covers

    Basic Wool


    100 Wool

    Linen upholstery

    Florian Chenille


    Belgian linen

    Flanders Linen

    Italian Linen


    Leather, hides and sheepskin


    Dunes cowhide

    Leather from Tärnsjö

    Reindeer hide

    Hemp covers