• Time for relaxation

    Summer and days off. Time for recovery and relaxation. An opportunity to slow down, regain balance and find calm. Quiet reflection on where you are going in life. Focus on what really matters. Just be and rest in the present. Breathe in - breathe out.

    Ljusblått påslakan på sommaräng


    What’s actually important in life? Vitally important? A glass of water when you’re really thirsty. The first crocuses of the spring. The birth of a child or the death of a close relative. Relinquishing control and letting yourself go. Being in good health.

    - Norrgavel's core values

    Frottéhandduk på sommaräng

    Who am I?

    It is perhaps exaggerating only slightly to say that the Western materialistic outlook on life nourishes our belief that our personality is the sum of, say, our social status, professional role and possessions. Perhaps “I am what I do/own”. An existential approach turns the concept on its head: “I do/own what I am”. So, in order to know what I need to do or what my material needs are, I need to find out who I am.
    WHO AM I?

    - Norrgavels core values