• Shelf with drawer


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    From pure natural materials that are part of the natural cycle and created by photosynthesis.


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    Product description

    A shelf with a drawer. At first glance it looks like a shelf, but inside is a box. A playful piece of mini furniture based on a surprising illusion - unlike Norrgavel, where the function usually appears with obvious clarity. But the idea behind this neat storage unit is of course to make it functional, with both the shelf and the drawer offering practical space for small items. Shelf with drawer is characterised by modernist perfection and to achieve the exact corners it was necessary, unusually, to choose a veneered construction instead of solid wood. A piece of furniture that works equally well in the hallway, as a bedside table or nightstand, as a stylish side table next to the armchairs in the reading corner - or mount several Shelves with drawer above each other, to create practical storage space with graphic elegance.


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