• Kubik with drawer

    Height 1, module 1

    Product description

    A stylish bedside table with a practical drawer, a single shelf in a timeless design, or part of a space-saving storage unit. Kubik with drawer is part of the Kubik shelving system, but it is also its very own version - thanks to some well thought-out special solutions. The drawer has wooden slides and a full drawer front instead of a recess at the top of the drawer, which is otherwise characteristic of Kubik. To pull out the box, you grip it from below, or add an optional knob. When the box is pulled out, you will also notice the ingenious box stopper. Assemble Kubik with drawer as a bedside table, a single shelf or as a flexible storage solution together Shelf - equally suitable in the living room, hall, kitchen or bedroom.

    If space for cables is desired behind the wall-mounted Kubik with box, small spacers can easily be added during installation. These spacers are called Kubik spacers for cords and are available separately.

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