• Armchair Ri


    DKK 17.900

    Ships within 8-10 weeks


    Width75 cm
    Depth82 cm
    Height107 cm

    Product description

    The Ri armchair is an exclusive crown jewel in the armchair category, where both comfort and choice of materials offer sophisticated qualities in line with royal French furniture art from the 18th century. The timeless design blends in with the room, while taking up space in a perfectly natural way. Take a closer look at Armchair Ri and you'll see the unbroken, undulating line that runs along the side, through the armrest, waist and around the earlobes to the top of the back - and then back down the mirrored path to the bottom of the seat, past the headrest cushion. It is precisely this flowing, soft line that has given the armchair its name. Ri is the technical term for a physical drawing tool that was once widely used by architects and shipbuilders to draw curves and curved lines. Try saying Armchair Ri out loud - it does sound like ""armchairing"". If that word had existed, it would probably mean the doctrine of armchairs, where Armchair Ri is the master teacher.

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