Pinn stool straight long

Lacquer colour

DKK 2.700

Ships within 3-5 weeks


Width85 cm
Depth32 cm
Height43 cm

Product description

Pinn stool straight long is a natural extension of the Norrgavel classic Pinn stool straight. An ingenious piece of furniture in all its simplicity! It can be used in innumerable ways – a practical bench in the hall or a seat at the dining table. A spacious bedside table between two single beds in the guest room or children’s room, a stable and beautiful flower table with space for many plants or why not as a minimalist and timeless coffee table. The seat on Straight Pinn stool long is completely flat, precisely because it is also intended to work as well as a table top – by the sofa, armchair or next to the bed. Straight Pinn stool long is designed to go perfectly with Pinn stool round, Pinn stool straight och Pinn chair. Its proportions, materials, dimensions and surface treatment contribute to a uniform but at the same time vivid impression when you mix them around the dining table.

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