• jubileumskollektion stora blå


    “An unbroken horizon and the mighty sea that meets the sky. The eternal blue. Experiences of beauty that evoke thoughts about eternity. The art of being human - who am I and what really matters? Time for thoughtfulness and reflection. Moments of total presence. Since 1993”
    Stora blå is the name of our 30th anniversary collection with selected Norrgavel furniture painted in a distinctive blue lacquer colour, with the same name. This is an invitation to explore and engage in the existential approach that is at the heart of Norrgavels raison d’etre.
    Norrgavel was founded around three core values -the humanistic, ecological and existensial. Stora blå anniversary collection is a signifier of the existensial part of our values. Since the early 90’s many customers chose to have their new furniture painted in a distinctive Norrgavel blue tempera colour. A color strongly associated with the sea, the sky, space and eternity. In honor of the company's 30th anniversary, this launch aims to highlight the symbolic color again with the anniversary collection Stora blå.
    Stora blå is available in Norrgavel's stores and online during the period March 23–December 31, 2023. Each piece of furniture from the anniversary collection Stora blå will be marked with a specially designed anniversary tag.